Matthew’s Face Snuck In: Ruined Family Photos.

A month ago when I was in Canada visiting family, I was taking pictures of my cousin Jamie & his wife Lisa’s cute lil baby Oliver (pics to come!), when my other cousin Matthew, stuck his head in front of my camera…and I actually love it! It’s reminiscent of years & years ago when I would just be taking pics with a point&shoot camera on family vacations…and Matthew or his brother would always try as hard as they could to pop their head in & ruin the picture, or have their arm swinging across the picture, or them jumping across it ruining a family picture, giggling the whole time & completely ignoring my pleads for them to stop. Well, years later..they’re still trying..but now I know my camera so much better that they don’t ruin the picture..just make an entirely new one, filled with their face! And then I post it to get back at them for all the ruined family photos from years ago!!  ;)

Happy Wednesday!


<3 <3 <3 <3


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