Lake of the Woods, Ontario Canada Engagement Photos: Ariana & Eric.

I am only in the Winnipeg area a couple of times a year, but whenever I do come up, Canada is just so beautiful I want to photograph a wedding/session there every time despite it being vacation-time! Any excuse to come up to pretty Canada, really  ;)

Ariana & Eric drove out from Winnipeg, Manitoba to my family’s cabin in Clearwater Bay, Lake of the Woods, Ontario for their engagement shoot…and it couldn’t have turned out better!! The perfect weather & amazing backgrounds to play with. We photographed for a total of around three hours (Eric is a trooper!!), with some long breaks for outfit changes and a yummy dinner with my family  :)

Looking forward to their 2016 wedding!!!  <3

If you missed their sneak peek photos last week, click here.

Seriously, Ariana’s smile is gorgeous & so contagious!!

One of my faves…

I don’t typically do this pose, but this is my favorite version ever of it…  :)



This is on the driveway to my parents cabin…yes you literally feel like you’re driving on a cliff! There is more rock & brush still further out there that you can’t see in the picture, but driving it can be nerve-wracking!  What a view though  :)

Thanks to Jenna Rae Cakes for these adorable ‘bride and groom’ cupcakes!!  <3

Ariana is just the cutest!!

What a gorgeous, 100+ year old vintage wedding ring…I love the detailing!!

We stumbled upon this gorgeous flower field…and I practically yelled at Eric who was driving, stop stop STOP the car!! It was SOOO worth it  :):)

Two favorites…

Just gorgeous!!

<3 <3

Another favorite!  <3

A big thank you to…

Jenna Rae Cakes for the cute cupcakes!

Ariana’s friend Kiera for the floral crowns!

And Eric & Ariana for driving out to Lake of the Woods…I had a blast!!  :):)


<3 <3 <3 <3


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The most Joyous News….II! {Baby Tree 2}

David & I are thrilled to announce some very happy news…we are expecting Baby Tree #2!!!! :):)

My due date is early February, I’m about 15 weeks now (13-14 when we took these pictures…and already showing much more than I did at 15 weeks last time!). And if I have seemed more anti-social/less talkative the past two months…well I’ve been dealing with morning sickness worse than last time the past 10 weeks, and the pills (ondansetron) I’m taking just are barely doing anything. Always fun with a 1.5 year old at home! With help from my awesome hubby, I kept up with the photo business side of things, editing 5 weddings from the same two months all together. Hoping & praying it goes away soon!!  :)

We took these cute family announcement pictures while on vacation two weeks ago at Lake of the Woods, Canada. I set up the camera settings, and David or my mom took the pictures. I bought her cute dress online as the announcement  :)

She’s quite excited  ;)  Well she’s just turning 18 months in a week, she doesn’t really understand yet but if we ask her where the baby is she points to my tummy  :):)

Love these two so VERY much!! <3

Love this one, even with her headband falling off & our feet cut off  :)

And one of my parents  :)  A big thank you to them for letting us visit for two weeks & have a really nice relaxing time!!

More photos from the shoot in an album I’ll be putting up on my personal fb page  :)

To see our Baby Tree #1 announcement photos from 2 years ago by my film photographer Michelle, click here. Or to see all Baby-Tree related posts from #1, click either under categories on the menu above, ‘Jillian’s pregnancy’ or under personal ‘Baby Tree’

So grateful to be expanding our lil family, I love them all so very much!!!  :):)


Happy Monday!!

<3 <3 <3 <3





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Steinbach, Winnipeg Family Photos: Wilson Family Sneak Peek.

When one mom is good at photography, and the other very talented at sewing…sometimes, you do a trade!  :) For years I admired the handmade ‘quiet books’ (felt books with activities in them for toddlers, look it up to see more) that each of Terra-Lee’s children had…so last summer I asked her to make one sometime over the next year, for my daughter. Just over two weeks ago on my vacation this summer in Canada, we went over & had a great time with her family, playing some games in the evening, and I took some family photos for them!!! Thanks to my cousin Victoria & her hubby Titus for coming along & standing behind me, making goofy faces & probably bunny ears to me, to help get all the kids looking & smiling  :)

Much more of this adorable family shoot to come soon, this is just the sneak peek…

Love this one of T!

A favorite. N is such a cutie!!

Another favorite…the three sisters!! <3

Full blog post up within the next two weeks!  :)


<3 <3 <3 <3


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Lake of the Woods, Ontario Canada Engagement Photos: Ariana & Eric Sneak Peek.

THIS engagement shoot. A new favorite of mine  :)  So fun getting to know these two cuties!! Thankful for Ariana & Eric coming out from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Clearwater Bay, Lake of the Woods for some jaw-dropping gorgeous backgrounds for their engagement photos. Here’s just a sneak peek into our beautiful August evening…with a few of Ariana’s gorgeous radiant smiles!  :):)

Thanks to Jenna Rae Cakes for the adorable cupcakes! Close-up of them coming in the full blog post  :)  And Ariana’s friend Kiera for the floral crowns!

Drop-dead gorgeous, Ariana!! <3

All favorites, but maybe especially this one….

Cannot wait to post the full blog hopefully early next week!  :)


<3 <3 <3 <3


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